KARACHI - All major markets in the metropolis suffer due to mismanagement of the authorities concerned who are unable to control traffic there.

Traffic police and city wardens are not actively performing their duties in the markets and Eid Bazaars.

Sources in traffic police said that limit of traffic police could not extended to markets of the City because of wardens low strength.

Despite Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) claims to have imposed charged parking on Bachat Bazaars of the City to resolve the issue but frequent traffic jams and double parking outside the markets during the Ramadan routine.

KMC Director Charged Parking has appealed to the citizens to fully cooperate with the personnel deployed at the sites of charged parking for improvement of traffic flow.  Meanwhile, Administrator KMC Muhammad Hussain Syed has said that wardens have been deployed at 111 spots in the City to assist the traffic police in controlling the traffic during Ramazan.

In a statement issued by the KMC on Sunday, Hussain said that the city warden have also been deployed at 12 vantage points in the city during the Traveh timing to facilitate the people.

 The Administrator Karachi directed Senior Director Municipal Services, Dr Shaukat Zaman and Chief Warden, Tehsin-ur-Rehman Siddiqi to deploy the wardens along with traffic police for traffic flow management during Ramazan.

The wardens of the KMC perform their duties with regard to control traffic from 10 am to Namaz-e-Maghrib, which has been widely appreciated by the Karachites.