ISLAMABAD  - President Asif Ali Zardari has said that Pakistani government is working to strengthen the Pakistan-Saudi relations in all areas.

In an interview with a Saudi newspaper Okaz, President Zardari said these relations between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are gaining a strategic nature because of its depth of historical and Islamic bonds.

He said, “I am pleased to learn that Khadim Haramain Shareefain King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz plans to hold an emergency OIC summit on the 27th of Ramazan to discuss issues of concern to the Muslim Ummah.”

President Zardari said “The initiative taken by His Majesty is indeed most commendable and we hope the emergency summit will not only identify most critical issues facing the Ummah but also suggest practical ways to address them.”

He said “The problems facing the Ummah are complex and varied and it calls for a combined effort of all Muslim countries to join hands in finding a solution. It is indeed most thoughtful of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz to have offered to host such a conference.”

The President said it demonstrates concern by King Abdullah for the Muslims and commitment to help resolve the issues facing them through a process of broad-based consultation, negotiation and dialogue.

He said “Pakistan looks forward to participating in the summit. I wish the summit all success.”

He said that King Abdullah has special place among the people of Pakistan, and has contributed personally and effectively  to support the Pakistani people who will never forget his assistance in the darkest circumstances and crises experienced by the people during the floods that swept through and damaged infrastructure of the country  and lavished them with humanitarian aid. He added that the people of Pakistan are keen to strengthen its relations with the Saudi people.