PESHAWAR - In the wake of growing incidents of poultry and beef smuggling to Afghanistan and following the directives of Peshawar High Court, the district administration has chalk out a comprehensive plan to set up extra check posts check posts on all the external routs of Peshawar to avert smuggling to Afghanistan.

Following the directives of Peshawar High Court, District Coordination Officer has decided to immediately set up special check posts on all the internal and external routes of Peshawar to foil the illegal export of poultry and beef commodities to Afghanistan. The district administration will set up five check posts in various locations of Peshawar and personnel of Frontier Constabulary, food department and police would be deployed to keep proper check on these routes. 

The list of those whom has been assigned the duty on these check posts is available with the district administration and any person found involved in smuggling bids would be brought to book.

Moreover upon the directives of District Coordination Officer Javed Marwat, a focal person will also be deployed to keep close liaison with district administration and media. The newly appointed focal person is assistant coordination officer Syed Zafar Ali Shah who has been assigned the task to keep close contact between these check posts and DCO office. 

Likewise, a circular has been issued to poultry associations and butchers by the District Administration which said that smuggling of animals, meat and poultry could be strictly prohibited, and those who were found involved in this illegal business, would be faced charges under the relevant section 188 of the Pakistan panel court (PPC).

The court decision against the curbing of illegal transportation of cattle and poultry, had paved the way to take stern action against those who were involved in this illegal business. As per decision of the court, the directives had been issued to police, FC, department of Food and Livestock, and District government to adopt a strategy for establishment of joint check posts to keep strict check of smuggling of cattle and poultry.

It is worth mentioning here that last weak DCO Peshawar has recovered huge quantity of beef which was ready for smuggling to Afghanistan, however the timely raid of the district administration the smuggling bid was foiled successfully while the beef of 200 animal was supplied to local markets on suitable rates.