PESHAWAR - Leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Arif Khan Mohmand strongly condemned the state terrorism and atrocities of Burma government against Muslims and demanded of the government to submit requisition in the United Nation general assembly to call one-day conference on this important issue.

In a statement issued here on Sunday he questioned that where are the so-called human rights organisation to take notice of the cruelties against Myanmar Muslims. He said that hundred thousand Muslims are passing through critical stage and they are even not allowed to migrate to other countries to take asylum. He said that organization of Islamic countries should immediately call their conference on this important issue as there is no one to listen the miseries of the Muslims in Barma where they are subjected to severe torture and incidents of live immolation.

He demanded of the Pakistani government to close the embassy of Myanmar in Islamabad and cut off diplomatic ties with Barma government.