KHYBER AGENCY - With the advancement of science and technology, the use of modern techniques and equipments in daily life has also increased but still the importance of old daily equipments cannot be ignored.

Nowadays the use of pitchers, a locally made water pot, made of special clay, is increasing in Landi Kotal. The tribesmen are explaining two reasons for it, saying that as loadshedding has reached 23 hours daily so the believers have adopted centuries old traditional methods to get cold water. Secondaly, they sadi, history repeats itself and people have started preferring old style of life for satisfaction.

Ali, the seller of water pots for the last 20 years in Landi Kotal bazaar, said that more than thousands of different size pots had been sold in the ongoing summer season. On a query he said, “the price hiking has certainly affected their business and prices of Garha has risen many times”. A middle size pitcher costs hundred twenty rupees but still the price is reasonable as compare to price rocketing of other products, he opined. Sharing the details of the prices of the water pots Ali said the price of the commodity ranging between, Rs 30 to Rs 500 according to its size and qualities. A local youth Wajid, who was buying a pitcher on the roadside pots stall said, in excessive load shedding and lack of ice, it is the best alternate to get cold water in scorching heat in fasting.

 Abdurraziq, a political worker was on the opinion, to avoid sore throat and stomach diseases Pitcher is the best choice for provision of natural conditioner cold and hygienic water.