Two sisters were forcibly gang raped allegedly by seven armed men including a driver and a conductor of a public transport vehicle near village Jethikey, Sambrial tehsil here.

According to the FIR lodged with Model Police Station Sambrial by one of the two victims Neelam Jamil, this incident occurred in the evening of July 20, 2013. When Neelam Jamil, 18, and Kiran Jamil, 16, of Muhallah Karimpura Sambrial city got into a Toyota passenger van (LOK-7867) at More Sambrial city for going to Wazirabad before Iftar, the driver and the conductor of the van took back the van to Sambrial from Begowala bus stop for getting more passengers into the van. Meanwhile, there was Iftar timing and they took the van to a deserted place near Farid Town of Jethikey-Sambrial, as these girls were present in the van on that time.  At the place, the arranged a light Iftaari for both the girls and later forcibly gang raped them at gunpoint. Later, their five  other companions also reached there and forcibly gang raped the girls and fled away after leaving them there in critical condition.

On the report of the victims, the Sambrial police have registered a case against  seven accused including van driver Yasir Abdul Razzaq, conductor Bilal of village Dhilum Ballugan, Ehsan Cheema of village Bharokey-Wazirabad and  Irshad of Saraankey village, with no arrest so far.

The victims said that the accused were still at large and were continuously threatening them and their family with dire consequences for reporting the matter to the police. Talking to the newsmen at Sambrial, the girls said that their lives were in danger and they might be killed by the perpetrators. They alleged that the accused were influential and the Sambrial police were reluctant to arrest them. They urged Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Punjab Inspector General of Police Khan Baig and District Police Officer Muhammad Gohar Nafees to provide them with security and ensure early arrest of the accused. They sought justice and warned to commit self immolation in front of the CM House in Lahore if the accused were not arrested by Sambrial police. They also urged the Punjab chief minister to ensure the safe travelling especially for women in the public transport vehicles.