Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) chief has said that Khyer Pakhtunkhwa government has been bearing the brunt of debris of two previous regimes on their participation in United States war.

"Police of the province has given sacrifices the most," Imran Khan said after casting vote in the presidential election.

"There is no intelligence in province. We have been revamping the police structure and have been bringing reforms."

"We have decided to set up an intelligence agency at the provincial level so that instead of bearing the cost of terrorism, police could get advance tips about attacks."

He appealed to the masses that "Give us one or two months and you will see the difference yourself."

Getting harsh on hiccups during the presidential election, PTI chief says Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz falls in love with MQM during this election.

He was referring to PML-N's resumption of the contacts with Karachi based MQM, which have traded serious allegations in the past.

Khan said that there were clear statements of PML-N regarding that there would no contacts with MQM unless it ended its armed wing.