LAHORE - PML-N presidential candidate Syed Mamnoon Hussain has said he would act as true symbol of federation after he is elected to the office of the president.

“I will not perform a partisan role but act as president of every Pakistani and every party,” he said while talking to media men at Allama Iqbal Airport on his arrival here Monday afternoon from Karachi.

Mamnoon said on becoming president, he would renounce the basic membership as well as office of the party to lend impartiality and neutrality to the constitutional office.

The presidential hopeful seemed much annoyed with the PPP over their boycott of the election saying it was a disservice to the democracy. PPP should come forward to strengthen democracy instead, he said.

Mamnoon said it may be fear of punishment in the pending cases that the PPP targeted the SC over rescheduling of the polling for the president and this way the party might be lining itself up for the future.

To a question why not talk to PPP for support when the PML-N reached out to MQM, he said the PPP was the contestant party in the presidential election while the MQM had not fielded their own candidate in the election.

When pointed out that many people were saying that he was going to be a dummy president like Rafiq Ahmad Tarar, he defended the former president and said, a president has to act within the ambience of his constitutional duties.

He said constitutionally the president has to act on the advice to the prime minister while there was no harm if he facilitates the government. He rejected the impression that the president is dictated by the PM, saying that he only acts on the advice.

The India-born nominee of the ruling PML-N, Mamnoon Hussain will be the 12th President of Pakistan, succeeding incumbent Asif Ali Zardari. The election, which was preponed from August 6, will see a one-to-one contest between him and Pakistan Tenreek-e-Insaf (PTI) candidate Justice (r) Wajihuddin Ahmed.