RAWALPINDI  - Awami Muslim League (AML) President and MNA Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has said that he was unable to understand as to why Imran Khan, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chief, has decided to field his candidate for presidential elections after alleged massive rigging in the general elections 2013.

“I am observing the swiftly changed political situation in the country and will hold a meeting with Imran Khan to convince him to boycott the presidential election,” he said.

Sheikh expressed these views at a press conference here on Monday he jointly organized with PTI’s presidential candidate Justice (retd) Wajih-ud-Din Ahmed, who arrived Lal Haveli to muster support of the former in the presidential elections.   

Sheikh, however, made it clear that he would vote for the PTI candidate. He, while coming down hard on PML-N, said that the tiger (election symbol of N League) has disfigured the face of democracy by smashing its paws. He said that visiting Nine Zero by N Leaguers also exposed the party’s double-faced policy as in the past MQM was declared a foe by ruling party.

He claimed that that Nawaz Sharif was a clever politician who had fielded Justice (retd) Saeed-uz-Zaman Siddiqui as his presidential candidate in 2008 elections after seeing a clear defeat, nonetheless, this time he chosen Mamnoon Hussain with bright chances of win in the presidential election.

“The entire system of the country has been hijacked by the secretaries exported from Punjab. This also worried the Sindhis,” he alleged.

Justice (retd) Wahih, while speaking on the occasion, said that he was not here in Lal Haveli to beg vote from Sheikh Sahib as he never did so in his life but he was here to convince the AML President to join hands with PTI so as to make the competition tough for opponents. He said that the boycotts by opposition parties would pay an easy way to “Sarkari candidate” to hold the slot of President.

He said that Sheikh Rasheed was a veteran politician with a great wisdom and everybody should take benefit from him.

Welcoming the comments of Justice, Sheikh Rasheed said that he would hold a meeting with his party men and would announce his final decision.