Ray Stevenson has revealed that his Thor outfit needed a specially designed cooling system.

The Irish actor, who reprises his role as Asgardian warrior Volstagg in the sequel, Thor: The Dark World, said his costume had to include a special vest that pumped ice water. “Thor is a completely unique experience altogether. I had to wear this vest that contained tubes pumping ice water on to my torso, otherwise my costume would have killed me!” he admitted.  “First there was the big foam fat suit that went from my toes to my neck, then the costume on top of that, and then the big beard, then the wig, then I had to go and fight!” But Ray, who also stars in GI Joe: Retaliation, relished the physical challenge of it all. “The truth is, I am really passionate about these action roles. I don’t want to appear like some big bouncer standing on the door, I like to bring more to it and for me, that is the best part of the industry,” he said.