ISLAMABAD - Pakistan yesterday suspended visa abolition agreement with Kuwait in the backdrop of difficulties being faced by Pakistani government officials and diplomats during their travel to that country.

The interior ministry has suspended the agreement with the government of Kuwait on the directions of Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, a spokesman of the ministry said.

"Despite the accord with Kuwait, Pakistani government officials holding blue and diplomatic passports were still required to get visa for travelling to Kuwait which was against spirit of the agreement," a spokesman while quoting the minister said in a statement issued here on Friday.

Under the agreement signed between Pakistan and Kuwait in November 2013, there was a waiver of visa requirements for holders of diplomatic, special and official passports from both sides.

The agreement was implemented in August 2014. However, Pakistani side was not getting the visa waiver facility from the government of Kuwait while on the other side, the officials and diplomats of Kuwait were getting this benefit.

"Such visa regimes and agreements are meant to ease travelling of the government officials and diplomats, however, an agreement cannot last which is not reciprocated and mutually beneficial," remarked the minister.

It is pertinent to mention that issue of visas for Kuwait was also raised by a Senate member in the House where he pointed out that despite signing a visa abolition agreement with Kuwait Pakistani officials were still required to get a Kuwaiti visa before travelling to that country.