LAHORE - Punjab Inspector General Police Mushtaq Sukhera will apprise the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) today about the particulars behind child abductions in the province and the police strategy to investigate kidnappings.

The IGP will make a full presentation to the SCBA after which the bar would decide its future discourse which may include becoming a party to the case in the Supreme Court of Pakistan and offer its suggestions for improvement in law and order.

According to a press statement issued yesterday, SCBA President Syed Ali Zafar constituted an Emergency Committee and made a request to the IGP to assist the committee to enquire into the rising tide of child abductions .

Barrister Zafar said that children were at the same time the most precious asset of the nation and the most vulnerable members of the society. He further pointed out that the number of children being reported to be kidnapped was most alarming and dangerous.

“The state of Pakistan is bound under Article 9 of the Constitution to protect the lives of its children, and it is the highest duty of the government and police to save them from harm.

“Even if the cases where the children have run away from homes are ignored, the figures suggest that there are criminal gangs operating within Punjab as well as other provinces which are kidnapping children for sexual abuse, begging, labour or trafficking,” he added.

The SCBA president also feared that the kidnapped children could be used in terror activities after being brainwashed by the militant elements. “This impression cannot be ruled out; and it is therefore imperative that a national task force consisting of representatives from the intelligence and other law-enforcement agencies may have to be created, which would be responsible for undertaking enquiry and investigation in cases of kidnappings, particularly where there is suspicion of some gangs or terrorists being involved,” he added.