LAHORE - President, Lahore Regional Cricket Association Kh Nadeem Ahmed Friday said the introduction of drafting system at national level tournaments would not only help players financially but also would result in a competitive environment to raise the game standard.

He said initially the best thing about the drafting system is to end the financial woes of the players but with the passing time there would be a need to work on other aspects of the system too.

He emphasised on better planning for the induction of players in the drafting system and said that would present LRCCA’s suggestions to the Pakistan Cricket Board in this regard.

He said the selection of teams through drafting system for the domestic Twenty20 event was a new and interesting experience but there is a need to bring more money and better facilities for the players in the domestic cricket of the country.

He said rather than depending on just natural talent there was a need to induct the talent into the players as in the modern era sports sciences have become more essential.

“Every player should know about his food, physical fitness requirements and the ability to carry the workload. Without managing these, a player can’t survive too long in the field.”

Kh Nadeem said the fitness issues are persisting at every level and it would be wrong to spend all the money and resources on maintaining only the fitness level of national players. He stressed the need of inculcating the fitness culture at the grassroots level saying it is impossible to achieve long-term success in today’s fast and intensive cricket without maintaining 100 percent fitness level.

Kh Nadeem was also optimistic about Lahore team’s chances in the domestic Twent20 event saying the region always selected its teams on merit.

He hoped that many problems could be solved if sponsorship plan for the regions came to reality as it would not be possible in the coming days to hold high quality events without sponsorship and Pakistan need quality cricket more than merely focusing on the quantity.