Islamabad - Jamaat-ud-Dawa Chief Hafiz Mohammad Saeed has said that it is time for the government of Pakistan to stop taking dictation on Kashmir issue and come out with unflinching support to the people of Kashmir facing worst sort of human rights violation at the hands of Indian occupation forces.

Addressing at a Friday congregation in the federal capital, Hafiz Saeed said that it is the moral obligation of Muslim Ummah in general and people of Pakistan in particular to raise voice for the cause of their Muslim brethren facing pogrom at the hands of occupation forces in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK).

The JUD chief appealed each and every segment of society to hold protest rallies and demonstrations across the country against the killing of innocent people in Occupied Kashmir and force the international community to pressurise India to stop the genocide of the innocent Kashmiris seeking their right to live as per their choice.

He said that a simple one line sentence of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in his address to a public rally in Muzaffarabad — ‘Kashmir Bany Ga Pakistan’ (Kashmir will become part of Pakistan) — had shaken the whole Indian government and stressed the need for taking bold position on the issue and make the international community realise the resolution of the issue as per United Nations Security Council resolutions.

Referring to the bold position taken by Turkish President Tayyib Eurdogan whose one call had brought the people of Turkey on roads to save the democratic order Hafiz Saeed asked Prime Minister to take strong and unwavering position on Kashmir and then see he would get even more strong and powerful response from the people of Pakistan.

He regretted that the weak and apologetic positions taken by the successive governments on Kashmir issue had given courage to Indian occupation forces to play with the lives of innocent Kashmiris at their sweet will and said now the people of Pakistan would not let them do it and would extend whatever help they could to strengthen the freedom movement in Occupied Kashmir.

He called upon the people from all walks of life to stage protest demonstrations across the country in support of Kashmiri people and at the same time ask the government to utilise all available diplomatic and political channels to raise the voice for the Kashmiri people at all available forums.

He further said that till the solution of the Kashmir issue in accordance with the wishes of the people, Pakistan should not do trade with India and also urge the United States and other world powers to get the dispute resolved as per the United Nations resolution on the issue.

He further demanded of the government to help facilitate the access of international human rights organisations and health bodies to occupied territory so that they could themselves monitor the blatant human rights violations in the area by Indian occupation forces while the health organisations could treat all those who had suffered critical injuries at the hands of occupation forces.

Hafiz Saeed also demanded Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to sensitise the Islamic states on the issue and would immediately call the OIC summit on the issue and prepare a joint strategy to force India to resolve the issue in a peaceful manner and immediately stop killing of innocent Kashmiri youth.

Hafiz Saeed said that the OIC could take a strong position against India on the issue and could send back the Indian workforce in Gulf States, and even the whole Islamic world could stop trade with India to bring it down on knees.