Los Angles - Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has proven he is man enough for the task of changing diapers.

The 44-year-old shared an Instagram snap of himself tackling seven-month old daughter Jasmine's nappy aboard a private jet. 'Regardless of where we're at.. when #2 happens with my baby girl.. I'm the #1 man for the job,' he wrote.

The hashtags read: 'It #TheWorkinMan #DaddysGotU #JustKeepPlayinWithYourToysMama #IWillDealWithMyBackSpasmsLater.'

The actor looks like a proper pro, having a firm but gentle grip on both legs with one hand and doing all the heavy lifting with the other. Being no stranger to laying people out on the mat, the former WWE star has also taken the precaution of laying one down in case of surprise spills. And as always, the proud dad wears his trademark ear-to-ear smile.

The movie star had plenty more reason to smile on Thursday too, as it was announced HBO is extending his series Ballers out to a third season.

Posting a pic of his character, football financial manager Spencer Strasmore, Johnson was among the first to share the 'BREAKING: Baller alert'. 'After just two episodes into our SEASON 2 of #Ballers, @HBO has ordered SEASON 3!

After thanking the hard-working cast, crew and producers, as well as the show's creator Stephen Levinson, The Rock saved the biggest thanks for the fans.

'To all our BALLER FANS out there - THANK YOU! Millions of you tune in every week to join us on this crazy journey of chasin' greatness and dealin' with life's pain... and the greatest compliment we always hear from you is that we're real and authentic,' he wrote. 'Means the world considering how close this character is to my bones.

'Now that you know there's gonna be a Season 3.. you'll be watchin' this season with a different eye.,' he added. 'Enjoy and have fun with it and above all else... Ball so hard. '

Johnson has another daughter Simone Alexandra - who tuns 16 in 16 days time - with ex wife Dany Garcia. Jasmine was born in December to Johnson's girlfriend of nine years Lauren Hashian, daughter of Boston drummer Sib Hashian. He has another daughter Simone Alexandra - who tuns 16 in 16 days time - with ex wife Dany Garcia