While we enter in colleges, we are weak in regard of reading, competing, confidence etc. The first words which are said by the lecturers of the college are that your basic is weak. Confirming that what is basic, I came to know that 9th and 10th classes are considered as the basic of the study which were awful in schools. After spending one year in college, I compared my 11 years of education with only one year in college, I was embarrassed knowing that how irresponsible the school authorities were. Having 8 periods in school, I got 20% of the taught things which were being taught to me from 1st class.  

Teachers came and uselessly sat on their chairs to complete periods, saying that the text books are not valid. The schooling system is so much frustrating that no one ever wants to go on the path willingly. The teaching method is the same. Students get fed up from schools resulting in bunking off classes. Thus, my humble request to the authorities is to make the schooling system efficient so that students should not face troubles while enter in the colleges. Some steps are to be taken by schools administrations to make the basic education into the strongest education. 


Turbat, July 11.