There are several secret societies in the world known as freemasons or illuminati run by Jews and Zionists. There designs are to disseminate salaciousness, wantonness, depravation, secularism, enlightenment, decimation of family system around the world, slavery and a constitution of a uni-polarity in the world. For this to happen, they incorporate sagacious individuals from around the globe and offer them to join their organisation which in return would provide them with fame, glory and power. Lt general (r) Shahid Aziz in his interview to Hamid Mir stated that , he was offered twice by the freemasons in US to join the organisation but he plainly refused to do so. There members represent their association with their organisations using symbols such as one eye, pyramid ,666 etc. Renounced singers like Lady Gaga, Britney Speers, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, President Bush, Barack Obama, Donald trump , kennedy, George Washington, Winston Churchill etc. all belongs to these secret organisation. 

They are using pornography as a strategic weapon to slash the nations ideologically and thus they spread pornographic terrorism as they did with the army of Sultan Salah Uddin Ayyubi to weaken his army. A lot has been written about them, their leadership, their purpose and their plans in which they have succeeded so far. 

We Pakistanis as a nation should be cautious of their designs and only mean to counter their designs are to adopt strict adherence to our country’s ideological foundations of Quran and Sunnah because Pakistan is an ideological state and it is naturally against such malicious designs. 


Karachi, July 11.