Khadija Siddiqi, the girl who was stabbed 23 times. These words alone have the power to remind people of the injustices that go on in society on a daily basis. But occasionally, there are silver linings; in a historic decision in Lahore on Saturday, Shah Hussain was found guilty of stabbing Khadija in broad daylight and has been sentenced to 7 years in prison. While some may argue that the sentence itself is not as strict as the case merited – throughout the proceedings, Khadija was harassed by lawyers that supported the convict, not to mention the brutality of the crime itself. But the fact that the decision was given in her favour is a vindication of the courts and the justice system.

The sheer denial of the criminal and the shameless support of his group represents how there is no respect for human life in this country. After the decision was announced, Shah Hussain’s father (a renowned lawyer himself) blatantly refused to accept the fate of his son and promised to challenge the decision.

It is a reflection of the trend that allows people to indulge in illegal and morally corrupt practices, and still feel betrayed by the system for punishing them.

This case is about women as well, who become a target of such violence. As reported by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, in the year 2013, 56 women were murdered solely for giving birth to girls. 150 women were burned in acid attacks, incidents of gas leakage and stove burning. 389 incidents of domestic violence were reported in the media with husbands being the most common perpetrators. According to Punjab police crime statistics, in 2013, 2576 cases of rape of women were registered in that province alone. These statistics illustrate the oppression that women suffer from in Pakistan.

The case proved that there are people who are still ready to fight the good cause and ensure justice. Let this decision be a precedent for the judiciary of the country, and a step towards a fair society.