MULTAN-Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Secretary General Liaqat Baloch has said that the opposition will have to unite to get the judicial commission constituted for the investigation of Panama Leaks as the Election Commission is incomplete and it cannot take any action on the reference filed by opposition parties.

Talking to the media here on Wednesday, the JI leader added that the Prime Minister talked about a judicial commission in his address to the nation but parliamentary committee constituted by the government unveiled the intentions of the rulers. He maintained that the committee was rejected by the opposition parties. He reiterated that a judicial commission was imperative for an across the board accountability.

He pointed out that the ministers in TORs committee exhibited inappropriate behavior and utmost loyalty to their master which alarmed opposition. He said that the masses wanted brutal accountability. “If the accountability of the corrupt is not done, it will jeopardize the system, courts and constitution,” he warned.

He said that the PTI and PPPP made their own decisions to file references at the Election Commission but this effort was useless since the commission was still incomplete. He asked the opposition parties to sit together after eid and expert pressure on the government for constitution of judicial commission.

He declared that the JI would launch a foot march against corruption from Rawalpindi on July 24. “The country is facing losses worth over Rs. 8000 billion per year due to corruption. Citizens are forced to pay Rs. 500 billion bribe for getting resolved their legal issues,” he added. He said that the nation knew about the corruption unearthed by Panama and Dubai Leaks while 175 mega corruption cases were dumped by NAB besides the cases in FIA.

He said that the country was being run on foreign loans, adding that the NFC award should have been decided before the budget. He said that the South Punjab was not being given budgetary share in proportion with its population, adding that the region got 40 per cent funds than its share which sparked sense of deprivation.

Referring to the local governments, he said that although the elections were held, the rulers intentional deprived the local body representatives of their constitutional powers.

He said that the agriculture played the role of backbone of national economy but the government did nothing to lift this sector.

He pointed out that the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister announced Kissan Packages twice but nothing was given to the farmers. He lamented that national agriculture was being ruined by importing agricultural goods from India. He maintained that the high volume of corruption ruined all sectors especially agriculture.

He said that the country stood alone in the world due to disastrous failure of our foreign policy.

“It is because of absence of a regular foreign minister. Prime Minister’s advisor’s statement that our foreign policy is successful is tantamount to making fun of all Pakistanis,” he added.

He said that the Prime Minister’s activities in London gave the impression that he had recovered and now he should return to Pakistan. He added that the foreign affairs of the country also required the Prime Minister to return.

He pointed out that the Prime Minister office was being run by Maryam Nawaz and Ishaq Dar while was violation of constitution.

He pointed out that the tenure of senate was six year, national assembly five and Army Chief three which caused ambiguity. “The constitutional term for all the above mentioned institutions should be four year to avoid any ambiguity and national stability,” he suggested. He said that new units should be created in the country on basis of administrative needs instead of regional biases. He demanded the government to ensure division of national resources justly.

Referring to American presence in the region, he said that the region could not become peaceful as long as the USA stayed in Afghanistan. He said that although Pakistan was American ally in war on terror after 9/11, we faced worst sort of terrorism. He lamented that the rulers did not raise a strong voice against American drone attacks.

He asked the rulers to refrain from taking hasty steps on Afghan issue. “Don’t turn those into your enemies, whom you have been hosting since long,” he advised. He said that we were proud of our friendship with Saudi Arabia but Iran, Afghanistan and China were also in our friendship list.