KASUR-Electricity consumers are suffering great ordeal due to issuance of inflated electricity bills as despite repeated visits, the Lesco staff is not ready to get the inflated bills rectified.

During a survey, the electricity consumers told this correspondent that Lesco meter readers, inspectors and other staff appointed in Civil Area do not even bother to come out of the office in this scorching weather. “They do not even visit the area to read electricity meters and overcharge the citizens in bills while sitting in their air-conditioned rooms,” they alleged, adding that due to overbilling, the citizens are compelled to visit Lesco offices repeatedly to get corrected their inflated bills. The citizens expressed grave concerns over indifference of the Lesco staff, saying that despite repeated complaints, the staff always turns a deaf ear to their grievances. “Instead of resolving consumers’ problems, the Lesco staff treats them rudely and angrily, claims that their electricity meters are faulty,” they consumers regretted.

Criticizing the government policies, they said that instead of providing cheap electricity, the incumbent government is adding to public problems by turning a blind eye to the irregularity being made by the Lesco staff. The citizens demanded the authorities concerned to form a team to take meter-readings properly and also take stern action against the corrupt officials involved in this grave irregularity.

SALARY WITHHELD: A local court ordered withholding the monthly salary of Lesco SDO on refusal to issue corrected electricity bill.

According to sources, a citizen Ghulam Nabi submitted an application for getting his electricity bill rectified. Despite his repeated visits to the office, the Lesco SDO refused to correct the bills at which the Civil Judge issued a verdict, ordering withholding monthly salary of the adamant Lesco SDO.

WOMAN KILLED: A woman was stabbed to death over enmity in Mouzamata area here the other day. According to police, Ghulam Haider, husband of the deceased woman, told the police that his wife Sughran Bibi was at home when the accused Imran, along with accomplices Ehsan and Manzoor, intruded into the house and stabbed his wife to death. The man informed that the accused used to stop his wife in the street to develop illicit relations. The other day, he stopped his wife as usual but she taunted him at which he got enraged. Ghulam Haider claimed that Imran killed his wife to avenge his insult. The Raja Jang Police registered a case against the accused.