LAHORE - Hissam Ali Hyder, Asia’s top polo player has been invited to participate in 'The Commonwealth Team' at the annual 'The Royal Salute Coronation Cup that is taking place on July 23in England at Guards Polo Club.

Hissam will be representing Pakistan, in the Commonwealth Team. The opposing team is England. “It is a great honour for me to be playing for the Commonwealth Team in the Coronation Cup. This will be a great opportunity for me to not only play alongside the world’s best polo players but also play my part in reviving Pakistan’s image,” said Hissam who is playing with Fred Mannix (8 goals), the highest rated player in North America and also captain of the Commonwealth Team. JP Clarkin (7 goals) highest rated played in New Zealand and captain of the National Team and Chris McKenzie (6 goals) highest rated player in South Africa and has represented the South African national team in at The Coronation Cup in the past.

The Coronation Cup will be showcasing the very best of this fast-paced sport, the finest international players that gather each year to face England in hope of lifting this much coveted trophy. The British Royalty, amongst thousands will be attending this premier event to enjoy a quintessential day of sporting action and unrivalled hospitality.

Hissam has been playing polo in United Kingdom for the past 15 years and has played some of the most renowned polo tournaments such as the Royal Windsor Cup, Queens Cup and Snow Polo in St Moritz. This is the first time in history that an Asian player will play ‘The Coronation Cup’ and a great source of pride for the country.–PR