PESHAWAR - After declaring great Pakhtun warrior Kalo Khan as a dacoit in the 9th class book, now the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Textbook Board has made several mistakes in the course of first year and second year’s ‘Civics’ subject in which major errors have been pinpointed by the subject specialists and lecturers. 

Talking to The Nation teaching assistant and lecturer Government Degree College for civics and political science said that there is no concrete definition of civics in the entire book and the students are confused regarding the definition of vital political subject. On Page 22 the author has written Jamhor instead of Jamhoria.

In chapter II the author has given forms and types of government but before that the definition of government has been ignored and only types of government have been given in the book.

In chapter VI, ‘intellectual skill’ propaganda has been included in this chapter but ‘propaganda’ topic needed to be place in separate chapter.

He informed that nine topics have been repeated in the second year civics though it already has been given in first year civics book in detail. In second year book on page 50 a chapter of biology on male and female has been given in the book which have no relation with civics.

He said that several mistake and irrelevancy are also noticed in second year book, which will misguide the student.  When contacted one of the board members Mutahir Khan who is responsible for checking the mistakes, he said that they are ignorant about this issue and after cross checking these mistakes, they will try to remove these blunders in the next course and in this connection the book will be revised in detail to make it up to date without any mistake.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa book board is the sole institute providing up-to-date course and textbooks to the entire province and FATA but unfortunately, due to lack of check and balance by the directorate of education and responsible secretary, they are repeatedly making mistakes in textbooks of various classes and it wasted valuable time of the students due to repeated change in the course.