LAHORE: The Lahore High Court  stayed demotion of three Superintendent police, nine deputy superintendents and an inspector holding that no one can be demoted until and unless he or she is heard.   

Justice Muhammad Ameer Bhatti of the LHC passed the order on petitions filed by a number of police officials against their demotion. The judge also directed police department to decide the matter of the petitioner-officers by giving them an ample opportunity of hearing.

SP Idrees Quresih, Farooq Hadal, Kramatullah  and others filed the petition through their counsel Advocate Talat Farooq Sheikh challenging their demotion.

They submitted that they did not fall under the category of out of turn promotions but the IGP misinterpreted the judgment of the SC and issued notification regarding their demotion. They said they were not given chance to be heard.

They requested the court to set aside notification of their demotion as it was unlawful. After hearing initial arguments, the court observed that it was a universal law that no one could be removed from his office without being heard. The court ordered the police department to give hear them to decide the matter of their demotion.

ON June 23, 2016, the police department demoted around 100 including 20 SPs.