1 Germany

The world champions, are somewhat surprisingly, the best team in Europe at the moment. Yet to concede a goal, at times it's looked like Germany haven't even really been trying. Mesut Ozil has been producing magic, the reintroduction of Mario Gomez to the attack has given them some threat in the air and Jerome Boateng is the best defender in the tournament by a mile. As for Toni Kroos, the legend of Xavi lives on through him. And it's good.

2 Italy

Antonio Conte might be as mad as a box of frogs but he is also a superb tactical manager and has turned an average group of Italy players into a monster of a team. In defence they look impenetrable and in attack they have pace, skill and know where everyone is supposed to be. Perhaps the greatest trait of this Italian side is their devotion to stopping the opposition. Shirt pulling, little kicks, muscling them off the ball - this is a powerful, determined group of players.

3 France

A heroic fight-back and some late goals have hidden that France are a lot less secure in their position as tournament favourites than they actually are. Dimitri Payet has controlled the show - at times, Paul Pogba hasn't really been at it and it took the magic of Antoine Griezmann to stop Ireland pulling off the biggest shock of Euro 2016. That said, N'Golo Kante, Hugo Lloris, Griezmann, Kingsley Coman and the rest are great players and seem to understand the system.

4 Belgium

After that first match, Belgium looked like a team devoid of ideas and about to waste a generation of golden talent. Cut to now and it's a different story. Perhaps Italy really are just so good that they were able to make this fast-attacking Belgium look like... well like England in that first Euro 2016 game, perhaps Marc Wilmots changed something. Actually he did - he dropped Marouane Fellaini and suddenly they're great.

5 wales

Could they do it? Could Wales Do A Leicester? The answer is yes. Or no. Wales are through to the quarter-finals on a wave of spirit and togetherness that the Big Nations would love to have, but when mixed with the talents of Gareth Bale - the best player in Euro 2016 so far, Aaron Ramsey and Ashley Williams, they become more than an outside bet. They only need to win two more games to reach the final...

6 iceland

Who saw it coming? Iceland did! Don't let England's ineptitude fool you - Iceland are seriously well organised and know their roles perfectly. The best defensive team often wins knock-out competitions and only Germany really look stronger at the back than Iceland. Also, they have some really good players too. Size doesn't matter. Or in this case, population.

7 portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo has finally found something that resembles form, rattling in two excellent goals in the group stages and forcing the late winner in the sleep inducing knock-out game against Croatia. That his revival has coincided with Portugal resembling a credible force in the tournament is no coincidence - everything Portugal do well is done by, or near, Ronaldo for better or worse.

8 poland

Absolutely deserve to be where they are and face a tough test against Portugal in the quarter-finals. Robert Lewandowski seems to have either sacrificed himself as some sort of glamorous attacking decoy, or simply hasn't been very good. Fortunately, his teammates are solid and work well together, even if they are a football live-blogger's worst nightmare when it comes to spelling accurately.