A two day training titled Gender Equality , Physical Safety and Digital Security of Female Journalists was held in a local hotel in Lahore by Civic Action Resources (CAR) in collaboration with Solidarity Center under the supervision of Lala Hassan, a human rights activist.

Females from different media houses were invited to attend the two day workshop. They shared their work place experiences and found ways of protecting themselves. Lectures and activities were held on gender discrimination and how it affected everyone’s life.

Gender studies is a new concept that is coming up in our universities. People need to understand the difference between gender and sexual differences. Cultural and societal norms have a different outlook towards both the genders in their daily lives which leaves a lasting impact on them.

The lead trainer Saba Masood, an artist a human rights activist and trainer, spoke to the attendees about gender issues, gender gap and discrimination in daily lives and in office areas.Various activities were held for better understanding. Many female journalists shared their experiences regarding gender discrimination at work places in terms of salary packages, contracts, work timings and many other issues.

Sexual and verbal harassment in work places is a global issue. According to reports provided by CAR, 44% face name calling or insults, 33% face attempts to damage reputation, 8% women face sexual harassment and only 23% report the incident. Importance of physical safety, sexual abuse, threats and violence at work places was under discussion too. A number of females came forward with their complaints and how they resolved them. Ideas were exchanged on how a female can keep herself safe on duty and field.

Everyone has their eyes and ears fixed on Cybercrimebill; it’s under debate in different quarters of power and human rights activists. Nighat Daad of Digital Rights Foundation gave a lecture on Digital Security for Female journalists. How to secure digital gadgets and what problems are faced in daily lives. Method to file a complaint with FIA and Cyber Law was also discussed during the sessions. Females shared their unpleasant incidents and said that they do not feel very secure on the online forums too.

Mubashir Bukhari of News Lens/360 Media Foundation and Dr NosheenaSaleem, HOD of Mass Communication Dept in The University of Punjab were the chief guests. Female journalists had an opportunity to hear their experiences in the media field and asked various questions for better learning. The guests distributed certificates among the participants at the end.