ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Thursday asked Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to equally treat the people from all provinces.

Addressing the protest camp in front of the National Press Club here as a mark of solidarity with the people of Parachinar, PPP’s Senator Farhatullah Babar referred to the disparity in compensation to the victims of Ahmed Pur Sharqia oil tanker tragedy and Parachinar victims.

He said: “The rulers must not allow the perception that a dead body in Punjab fetched two million, in Sindh one million, in Balochistan half million and in FATA and tribal areas it fetched only three lacs rupees”.

Such a perception will be disastrous for the federation, he warned.

Babar sought an adjournment of Senate to discuss the militant attack in Parachinar on the eve of Eid and the gross mishandling of the post-mayhem situation by the security agencies.

The PPP senator demanded a judicial probe and compensation to the victims’ families equal to that given to victims of oil tanker tragedy in Bahawalpur.

He also demanded that the local Kurram militia be allowed to play its role in restoring peace under the supervision of the security agencies as it has been doing in the past and that the prime minister visited Parachinar immediately to assuage hurt feelings of the people.

An adjournment motion had already been submitted to the Senate to discuss the tragic incident, he said.

Senator Babar said that because of its location and past history Parachinar was already over-militarized.

“It is known to have one of the largest concentrations of security check posts and CCTV cameras with security personnel patrolling menacingly. Yet Parachinar had witnessed repeated militant attacks in the past few months and there was no clue of where from the militants came and where did they go,” he said.

He added: “We must probe into the repeated massive security lapses instead of accusing the local people.”

He said that the area has been made a no-go area for the media, the parliamentarians, and human rights activists. This needs to be changed so that misconceptions were not allowed to gain strength, he said.

Babar said that the reports of straight firing into the grieving demonstrators resulting in casualties must also be probed and the trigger happy personnel responsible for the excessive and thoughtless use of force must be punished.