According to the officials of Lahore zoo , a female giraffe imported from South Africa died on Friday. The giraffe was already sick at the time of reaching the zoo, officials stated.

The numerous unfortunate deaths of animals at Lahore zoo have sparked a controversy regarding the management at the Lahore zoo .

In earlier 2018, a three years old Bengali tigress and a twelve years old tigress died as well.

In 2017 chronic diarrhea for 30 days resulted in the death of a male Cheetah at the Lahore zoo .  A Bengali tigress that was shifted to Lahore zoo from Bahawalpur zoo in 2014, also died in 2017. A four-year-old female Cheetah pair imported from South Africa had also died in 2017.

Similar recurrent deaths of animals have also been reported at the Peshawar zoo that was opened up in February 2018.

At the Peshawar zoo, three animals including a fallow deer, a snow leopard and a ten-year-old monkey have died.