DIR LOWER - At least 60 shops including a mobile franchise were blown up with explosives; however, no human casualty was reported in the blast in Dir Lower wee hours Sunday.

The explosive planted by unknown miscreants reportedly targeting a two-storey market having mobile phone shops and a franchise exploded early Sunday morning.

Police officials said that it was around 3am when a blast rocked the market situated at Munda bazaar at tehsil Jandol. They said that it was a remote controlled blast destroying a total of 6o shops of the market.

Soon after the blast police rushed to the site and cordoned off the area and launched a search operation in which at least five suspects were taken into custody.

The police said that from 4 to 5 kg of explosive material was used in the bomb.

They have registered case against unknown persons and started investigation into the incident.

EXCESSIVE POWER OUTAGES IN DIR RESENTED: The inhabitants of Dir Town and nearby areas on Sunday asked the government to reduce the duration of power outages and solve the low energy voltage problems in the district.

Talking to this scribe, they said that the excessive loadshedding and low voltage had multiplied the troubles of the dwellers of Dir. They said that the area people although paid their electricity bills in time and never used power through illegal ways but the Wapda officials continued their unscheduled power outage in their areas.

"The hours long loadshedding has disturbed the routine life of the residents and also affected their businesses," said Falak Sher, a local resident.

He said that much of the electric equipments of the people had got damaged due to the power voltage fluctuation.

Another local Rehman Zarin said, due to unscheduled power outage his washing machine and a refrigerators had damaged  and now he could not have money to repair it again as he is poor.

Beside this the long hours power cuts in the district has severely affected thousands of students' studies particularly the students of grade 9th and 10th as their Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examinations are going on.