LAHORE - The Punjab government should immediately accept all the just demands of the journalist community as per understanding given to journalists earlier by the government, said Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo, President Punjab PPP Central in s statement issued from Sunday.

He pointed out that the journalists were undertaking their professional responsibilities under dangerous situation due to the worsening law and order situation in the province adding it was going from bad to worse.

Wattoo called upon the government that the journalists colonies should be carved out at all the district headquarters and funds allocated for the development of infrastructure so that they could build houses to lead a dignified life.

Manzoor said that the journalists had decided to protest in front of the Provincial Assembly on March 31 against the apathy of the government in acceding their demands The government would be held responsible for the resultant unpleasant situation because it is backtracking from it words given to the journalist community, he maintained.

He said that democracy and free press were inseparable and the PPP had lunched assiduous struggle shoulder to shoulder with the journalist community for the freedom of press under the most inhospitable conditions. He said that PPP Punjab expressed total solidarity with the journalists in their just cause.

He observed that the Punjab government was the symbol of failure in all walks of provincial life because farmers were on the street, blind were subjected to police brutality, nurses and doctors were manhandled grotesquely and now they might use the same kind of tactics against journalists.

He said that the PPP was committed to the freedom of speech and peaceful protest and the use of force would be opposed and resisted by the PPP if government resorted to the ugly tactics against the civilised community.