LAHORE – Nazim-e-Aala Minhaj-ul-Quran Dr Raheeq Ahmed Abbasi has said that the present electoral system allow only the rich to enter power corridors. Addressing the participants of a sitting at Tech club on Tuesday, he said these influential people were looting the country for the last six decades while talented and honest people could not even thick about contesting elections owing to high expenses. Former Finance Minister Dr Mubashar Hassan, Gen ® Zia-ud-Din Kh, Qayyum Nizami, Abdul Majeed Khan and Dr Muhammad Sadiq also addressed the participants. Raheeq Ahmed Abbasi said that there was need to constitute a non-political government for three years to give new social order and formulate new political system for bringing real democracy in the country. He suggested carrying out referendum on the prevailing electoral system. He urged the masses to reject the present system and struggle till introduction of election reforms.