ISLAMABAD - The PSDP’s proposed allocated amount for Balochistan development projects is nothing but ‘peanuts’, as this meagre amount will not help complete the extraordinarily delayed projects of the already much deprived province the country.

The proposed amount for these delayed projects of the province will not be sufficient to make any major progress for completing these development projects, while the cost will further escalate with the passage of time.

On the other hand the government has planned to allocate 17 new schemes worth Rs8.5billion, ostensibly to get political mileage.

The government has estimated to allocate total Rs111.75billion for both old and new projects in the country, according to the PSDP’s estimated figures allocated for communication division, made available to The Nation.

The allocated amounts for these projects show that prime minister’s recent initiative to remove sense of deprivation among the people of Balochistan might prove fruitless. At the same time, it is evident from reports that contractors and engineers of foreign countries were still reluctant to continue work on development projects due to law and order situation in the area.

The figures reveal that Rs3 billion is being proposed for Lowari Tunnel, one of the delayed projects of Balochistan, while Rs18.132 billion is required to complete this project. The calculation shows the budgetary allocation for this project for last some years has not been enough and with this meagre amount this scheme might not complete even in a decade.

The tale of another delayed Balochistan project (Gwadar-turbat-Hoshab section, M-8) is not much different as estimated cost of the project is Rs23.168 billion but only Rs5 billion has been allocated for this project for the upcoming financial year. This project is also not getting foreign aid for construction work.

The third chronic project is rehabilitation of Khunjerab which will get Rs5 million while its total cost is over Rs3 billion. The realignment of KKH at Attabad lake would also suffer as it would get just around Rs4 billion and at this rate it is unlikely to be completed even in five years.

The prime minister had recently injected Rs18 billion to infrastructure development package ostensibly to remove sense of deprivation among the people of Balochistan but it seems fruitless, as a number of projects are still being delayed.