KAMALIA - The administration has notified four specific public places for wedding ceremonies, banning all other spots in the city for marriages and other festive ceremonies.

According to official report, Municipal Committee Pak, Mehmood Boys Park, Boys Park Zeeshan Colony and Jinnah Park Zeeshan Colony can be used for weddings and other ceremonies after paying a fee of Rs4,000 to the municipality. The use of all other parks and government buildings has been prohibited.

Kamalia Assistant Commissioner Rao Tasleem Akhtar told the media that saplings had been planted at playgrounds and parks, and they could not be maintained due to frequent holding of marriages and other ceremonies. “However, all public parks or grounds can be used for funerals,” he added.


Nauman Rasool, a resident of General Bus Stand, told Kamalia City police that some unknown armed persons barged into his shop and looted cash and mobile phones worth Rs122,000 from him and customers. The police filed a case. On the other hand, Superintendent Examination Centre No. 318, Govt High School No. 1, Kamalia, submitted a report to the police that suspect Muzzamil Javed had appeared in place of Ulfat Javed in exam. Kamalia City police filed a case.