KARACHI - Sindh Minister for Home Dr Zulfiqar Mirza on Saturday issued 'shoot-on-sight' orders to police and law enforcement agencies against criminals who are involved in firing incidents to destabilise the PPP-led coalition govt and destroy the peace in the City. He said that govt would never compromise over peace in Karachi and vowed that anti-socials will be crushed with iron hands. He expressed these views while addressing at joint Press conference of ANP,PPP and MQM held at Khursheed Memorial Hall Azizabad on Saturday during their visit to MQM central place Nine Zero . Later, Sindh coalition partner leaders also visited ANP and PPP HQs in the City and also held another joint Press conference at Nishtar Park. Sindh Home Minister was informed during a Press conference that violence is still continuing in the City. This joint conference was a bid for reconciliation keeping in view the tense situation in Karachi. MQM Parliamentary leader and Deputy convener Rabita Committee Dr Farooq Sattar , ANP Sindh President Shahid Syed and Sindh Home Minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza spoke in the Press conference. Mirza further said that those who were involved in destroying the peace of metropolis are anti-Pakistan, anti-social elements and vowed that Sindh govt would crush these elements with iron hands. He said that reconciliation will continue and we all are taking stock of the situation. The govt will foil all such conspiracies and hatred being spread among the people and will never allow them to succeed in their evil designs, he added. He said it is a clear message for all these anti-social elements that 'we all are brothers and we are together and all of us will serve the ailing humanity'. He said that govt will ensure peace in Karachi at all costs. He said Karachi is back bone of this country and development, peace and prosperity of Karachi ensures the development of the whole country as it is the economic hub of Pakistan. To a query about his stance on presence of Taliban in the City , he responded that he is also right and MQM is also right while clarifying that he did not find any solid evidence of Taliban as they force to close the shops, schools and said no such cells are found in a visible manner. ANP head Shahid Syed said that his party is follower of Bacha Khan and will spread the message of peace in the City and to serve the people and maintain peace in City at all costs. He said that MQM, PPP and ANP will play a key role in restoration of peace in Karachi. He said ANP strongly believes in table talks and will continue this reconciliation process to restore peace and harmony in Karachi. Shahid said that Karachi is the backbone of the country and its peace ensures the development of Pakistan. PPP leaders Rashid Rabbani, adviser to Chief Minister Sindh Waqar Mehdi, Shahid Syed, Amin Khattak and Hakim Mandokhel were also present at the Press conference. Dr Farooq Sattar while addressing the Press conference said that it was a good sign that re-conciliation process had started for the restoration of peace in Karachi and this will lead to a broad-based action jointly by these three parties who are now in coalition. 'The objective of sitting here today is to foil the conspiracies of such elements who are bent upon disturbing peace in Karachi', he said. He said violence is being fanned by these anti-social elements but said these people are not amongst us, he added. Farooq Sattar said we are determined to solve the problems of the people and the strategy would be to keep a close coordination and contact with our coalition partners. He said that if this reconciliation process moves ahead smoothly than democratic process in the country will be further strengthened and said we would jointly foil all such conspiracies which would disturb the peace in Karachi. Dr Farooq Sattar said it is the responsibility of the coalition partners to strengthen their hands so that the writ of the govt is visible. Later all these leaders went to visit the affected areas of Karachi where violence was continuing till filing of this report. ANP Sindh President Shahid Syed thanked MQM for welcoming them at nine zero in Azizabad. The ANP, MQM are the coalition partners of PPP govt. Meanwhile, addressing a joint Press conference at Nishtar Park alongwith MQM Parliamentary leader Dr Farooq Sattar, ANP Sindh provincial head Shahid Syed and PPP local leader Faisal Abdi, PPP acting Information Secretary Waqar Mehdi, Sindh Home Minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza said that govt would not allow the enemies of Pakistan to use Karachi for terrorism to create law and order situation. 'There is no room for terrorists to make Karachi hub of their activities and govt would crush terrorists and enemies of the country with iron hands', he added. He said that presence of ANP, MQM and PPP leaders was a clear message to enemies of the country that govt would foil all the conspiracies to destroy the peace of the metropolis. He said that it was dream of PPP Shaheed Chairman Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and PPP Shaheed Chairperson Benazir Bhutto to take together all the political parties to strengthen the democratic institutions in the country. MQM Parliamentary leader Dr Farooq Sattar said that six members committee was set up by coalition partners to keep vigilant eyes on the miscreants who wanted to destroy the peace of the City. He said that presence of all coalition partners is a clear message to enemies of peace saying that its responsibility of Sindh govt to protect lives and property of the people. He showed solidarity with deceased family members who were killed by miscreants in City on Saturday. MQM leader said that coalition partners in Sindh govt will together resolve the issues of the people of City and also counter the threat to City by extremists and Taliban. ANP head Shahid Syed said that Sindh coalition partners will foil conspiracies of enemies of peace and not allow anybody to destroy peace in the City. Later, PPP Karachi Division President Syed Faisal Raza Abdi invited MQM and ANP leaders to attend the PPP Foundation Day which would be celebrated on Sunday(today) at Nishtar Park.