Islamabad: We have worked really hard and if God willing, PTI will sweep in Islamabad, said Pakistan Tehreek-Insaf stalwart and mastermind of Islamabad’s election campaign Asad Umer, after having a closed door meeting with Mustafa, the head of local body election campaign team.

Mustafa has told me that in his assessment, we have successfully reached all the people, and we will secure majority of the seats, Umer said excitedly.

It was Saturday, afternoon, the deadline of election campaign for the first ever local council elections in the capital was approaching fast and the campaigners were trying hard to utilize every moments of it. Umer was also shuttling between different constituencies for the final calls.

Party has seen many ups and downs, since October 30, 2011, some affected the party negatively, while some had positive impacts, he said while walking to his car from party secretariat office in G-06.

Any impression that PTI is compromising on status quo, hurt the party most, after October 30, when traditional politicians started joining us, a perception was created that status quo parties were taking over PTI, and yes this had a negative impact on us, In 2013 elections an atmosphere was created that power circles, wanted to bring in Nawaz Sharif, this perception also affected the general election results, PTI lawmaker said, while trying to squeeze in the back seat of his 1600 cc, locally assembled  car, beside his wife, Sufia.

PML-N’s long advertisements on media, which were mere clarifications of corruption charges, also affected us negatively as tone of media changed after receiving huge payments against those long ads, but we have learnt our lessons, Umer said giving reasons for his party’s recent defeat in the first phase of local body elections.

The executive turned politician was bitter on the announcements of development schemes by government just before the polling day.

Nawaz Sharif’s strategy is to buy poor, and align with powerful, I’m not insulting poor by saying that they have been bought by providing electricity or roads, it is their right,  but doing it just days before election is pre- poll rigging, and will obviously hurt us, Umer said, as his car stopped at election roadside election at France colony.

As soon as he dismounted his car PTI, supporters surrounded him with smiles and so did the TV reporters who were keen to have a SOT of the lawmaker, highly respected among party circles for his down to earth and friendly attitude.

With around 700 makeshift small houses, and more than 3000 votes, France colony is one of the many slum in the capital. Like any other slum, it also lacks electricity, water and garbage collections, and inhabitants from lower income strata, live in miserable conditions.

Located in the centre of posh sectors, these slums have been facing chronic issues but due to large population, their vote matters. No wonder all the political parties were concentrating hard on these areas, those in power announced providing electricity roads and drinking water, while others relied on posters and door to door campaign.

I have millions of people in my constituency, I cannot meet everyone and being only a member of National assembly does not provide me access to any fund, I cannot resolve your daily life issues, what I promise you today is if you elect my candidates your problems will be solved, Umer told the audience on microphone, at a corner meeting.

Those who are offering you electricity or roads, they are just giving you peanuts, while I’m offering you real long lasting solution, I’m empowering you, Umer said with a passion.

The next destiny was 100 quarter, another slum, Umer met with people held a corner meeting and left for the next destination, slum of G-06.

This was a comparatively large arrangement, where hundreds of motivated and charged crowd took Umer on their shoulders. Umer was comfortably happy to mingle with general public.

He was wrapped in traditional turbine, while local leaders delivered their speeches. You see the passion of this crowd, Umer said, as dozens of charged youngsters surrounded his car and escorted him to main roads, dancing, and chanting slogans for his party and for him.

This passion has been the only merit I hunted, while distributing the tickets, many prominent mafia members approached me but I rejected them all and distributed tickets to those who were honest and passionate.