Islamabad - More than 100 polling stations out of the total 640 polling places in Islamabad have been declared as highly sensitive.

Though a battalion of army coupled with 650 Rangers personnel and some 8,000 police officials will ensure peace during the polls on Monday, officials of the special branch fear happening of unpleasant incidents at polling day as officials of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and police department also believe the polling stations where local property giants and political leadership wield their respective influence can clash.

For example, Golra has been declared to be an area that should be manned by maximum number of police force due to influence of various groups, including religious and political lots.

A week back, the number of highly sensitive polling stations in Islamabad stood at 60 in 50 union councils but the police came up with adding dozens more to the number of polling places that may go violent on election day.

Though Islamabad is represented by two members National Assembly one each by PML-N and PTI, other political parties too have significant strength like Jamaat Islami (JI), PML-Q and activists of nationalist parties. The complaint room established by ECP for addressing grievances of political parties and candidates has received thousands of call phones blaming opponents for violating election rules.

“It hints that voters are charged and they have developed grievances against each other well before the polling day. Although security measures are taken properly but still there is no guarantee that the polls will not turn violent,” an ECP spokesman said.

Far-flung areas of the capital like Tarnol, Khanna, Shakrial, Kuri Road, Pindorian, Nilore, Industrial Area, Sihala, Noon, Golra, Karach Bhara Kahu and Shahzad Town have been declared sensitive areas.

The special branch categorises sensitivity of polling stations on the basis of severe political differences, old rivalries, personal enmities, religious inclination and ethnic diversity. The Ministry of Interior has already requested the Defense Ministry for the deployment of one army battalion at various polling stations.