LAHORE - Wildlife and Parks Director General Khalid Ayaz Khan has urged Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to play proactive role for saving endangered Urials in their natural habitat.

Speaking at CBOs convention at Kallar Kahar yesterday, he stressed the need for close liaison between CBOs and the department for action against illegal hunters.

Chief Game Warden Punjab, Shah Rukh Butt, Nawab of Kala Bagh Malik Abdul Hameed, officers of the department and presidents and office bearers of all four CBOs and notables attended the convention.

Khalid Ayaz Khan said the purpose of convention was to raise awareness about importance of conservation of Urials and listen to the problems of CBOs. He asked all CBOs to provide lists of their own watchers for getting training on modern lines.

He said that priority would be given to foreigners for trophy hunting followed by local hunters. He said that amendments would be made in laws for giving powers to CBOs for hiring and firing of staff. He said that deforestation and animals grazing in the region of CBO would be banned after approval of recommendations so that sanctuary of wildlife could not be harmed.

He said that such areas where Urial CBOs were working and availability of other species like partridge etc. found, no other CBO will be registered. He said that Urial was less than 500 in 2005. Now the number has increased to 2500 due to efforts of CBOs. He asked CBOs to conduct annual survey and sent report about the number of Urial in their region.

Earlier, Western Jhelum Urial CBO, Wildlife Lovers CBO, Kallar Kahar CBO and Kala Bagh CBO‘s presidents gave presentation on payment from trophy hunting and its spending on community welfare projects.