When the ‘mightiest’ man in Westeros isn’t in the fictional world of Game of Thrones he uses his strength to be one of the ‘mightiest’ men on Earth, too.

Icelandic strongman Hafthor Bjornsson, who plays Gregor ‘The Mountain’ Clegane in the acclaimed drama Game of Thrones, broke his own record for a keg throw at a World’s Strongest Man Qualifying tour event. The 6ft, 9in, nearly 400-pound giant tossed a 33-pound keg 24 feet and six inches into the air at the Giants Live Sweden.

And according to the three-time World’s Strongest finalist, throwing the keg that high was an ‘easy’ feat. ‘It was easy! I could have broken the roof,’ Bjornsson said, according to Uproxx. ‘It was amazing to do this in front of the great crowd. Bring on Europe’s Strongest Man.’ After winning the competition, Bjornson posted a photo to Instagram of himself and his trophy from the event.

The caption said: ‘I took 1st place today at the Giants Live Sweden! What an incredible show and amazing crowd!

‘I wanna thank everyone who showed up today for their support! 2nd place took @johannesarsjo after an warrior fight against me the whole competiton! ‘Great performance my friend! 3rd was the unstoppable Mark Felix! What an athlete!’

This year has been a record-breaking year for Bjornsson, who currently holds the Europe’s Strongest Man title. At the World’s Strongest Viking competition in February, Bjornsson broke a 1,000-year-old Vicing record for strength when he carried a 32-foot, 1,433-pound log for five steps.

At the 2015 Arnold Sports Festival in March, he established a new world record when he used only one had to throw a 56-pound kettle bell 19 feet and three inches in the air.

Bjornsson, who also appeared on game show A League of their Own, began his career as a basketball player but a serious knee injury curtailed his career. He went on to compete in the World’s Strongest Man competition in 2011, finishing sixth. His best result was second last year. The professional strongman is believed to appear in season six of Game of Thrones, which is expected to air in 2016.