Islamabad: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan on Monday cast his vote in Model School Mohra Noor polling station in UC-23, for the local bodies elections.

After casting his vote, Imran Khan blasted over election commission of Pakistan for registration of three FIRs against him for holding public rallies which is part of democratic process. He said explaining mandate of the party to the people is his democratic right as he has nothing else like BISP cards to give to the people. “The election commission is stopping chairman of PTI to take party manifesto to the people” Imran Khan alleged. 

He said: “They have filed an FIR against me. Under what democratic law have they stopped me from taking mandate to people?” Khan said election results in three National Assembly constituencies were declared null and void, but no FIRs were registered there.

Khan alleged that whoever sits in centre, the election commission and institutions do their bidding.This has to stop, he added. The PTI chief once again commented on irregularities in NA-122 election, stating that thousands of votes were null and void in the constituency, but nothing was done as the polls were held under same election commission.

“We have 2000 affidavits of people whose votes were thrown out of NA122 but no action was taken,” Khan claimed. Imran Khan said while hands of PTI are being tied up while others have been given a free hand. He said people have become desperate to see holding of free and fair elections. 

“I am going to Sialkot now to speak to my workers and to take my party mandate to the people,” said Khan. He further added that government is made by rigging and how can it hold free and fair elections?