PR Islamabad - The thrilling three days international inter-school/college annual talent competition at Ivy Youth Leadership Olympiad successfully concluded at the Roots Ivy International University campus with a grand closing ceremony to honour the team efforts of organisers and award the winners. Following the signature theme of the Olympiad ‘Pakistan Our Pride, Our Identity’ every aspect of the Olympiad represented Pakistani heritage and culture through spectacular artwork. The Olympiad grand finale concert was by Pakistani legendary maestro Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. It was for the very first time that Rahat Fateh Ali performed in any educational institute. Rahat Fateh Ali had the massive crowd of over 3,000 students swaying to his melodious super hits like tere mast mast do nain, halka halka suroor, teri meri, jiya dharak, etc. At the end of the mesmerising musical evening, he thanked Roots Ivy students for being so enthusiastic, responsive and well disciplined.

An impressive fashion show based on the signature theme of the Olympiad ‘Pakistan Our Pride, Our Identity’ was also organised by the Ivy students that featured beautiful bridal collections of many famous fashion designers of Pakistan, including Ali Xeeshan, Rani Emaan’s and Shazia’s Bridal Gallery. The Hair & Makeup was done by Sobia, Faiza, Moshaz, Ummaraz and Rafay . The designer jewelry was by Kashang and Adorn silver jewelers. The sensational event was very professionally organised by the students and seemed no less than any international fashion week in the world. Fashion designers like Ali Xeeshan complimented the students on their level of proficiency and adeptness. Renowned Pakistani model and television actor Adnan Siddiqui was the famous celebrity showstopper at the fashion show.

The third-day competitions at Ivy University campus included business idea contest, dramatics, math Olympiad, min to win it, declamation contest, science flair and make-over contest. Celebrities and artists from all over Pakistan took part in this illustrious event.

The renowned judges for the make-over contest included Zarpash from Sobia’s Salon and Aleen, Bushra Fawad Khan, CEO Isloo Times, Usman Tariq Awan, Shahraiz A. Malik from RCCI, Ch Mujeebullah, Board of Director ISE for the business idea contest; Rana Sarmad for the dramatics contest; Sarfaraz for the Maths Olympiad, Ansab Sami and Alina Ali for the declamation contest; Chaudhry Summer Hayat for the minute to win it contest and Sumair Sajid for Science Flair contest. Over three hundred students had participated in these competitions.

Roots Ivy University College also actively participated in three committees of the undergrads including The Young Diplomats Caucus for the young aspiring diplomats with five committee sessions in which teams developed proposals for Pakistan’s Foreign Policy. The Pakistan National Assembly for the young leaders of tomorrow with five sessions full of discussions, debates, and personalities assigned to the participants such as Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan, Fehmida Mirza, Hina Rabbani Khar etc. The Ivy Human Rights Committee was designed to emulate the workings of the UNHRC. The purpose of this committee was to provide a platform to discuss the problems arising, with reference to their implementation, related to human rights and how this provision is being hindered by state’s own Constitution. The committee aimed to focus on how to address these issues after a detailed discussion involving the perspective of all countries.

Highlighting the overwhelming success of the Olympiad at the impressive IYLO closing ceremony, CEO Roots Ivy International Schools Pakistan Khadija Mushtaq congratulated the organizing team, staff members and the winners encouraging all students to explore their potential talent and avail such dynamic opportunities.

She said: “Today after witnessing the extraordinary accomplishment and sensational success of the Ivy Youth and Leadership Olympiad, I am speechless because of my most dynamic, hardworking, passionate team of heads, coordinators, teachers, managers and my students who are my real strength, my army, my motivation and my source of inspiration. You all are my team because you never let me down. I walk up with great confidence in any situation without any hesitation just because I know my students will never let me down. I am the luckiest person in this universe to get so much of love, strength and respect from thousands of passionate, motivational and dynamic students. You have raised my head in pride. I can never repay you for your loyalty and commitment and always giving your 100 percent. There was an ocean of young people today at the most amazing musical evening with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, all of you my students you demonstrated great discipline and passion to make the event IYLO 2015 a huge success. No words to thank you. Always helping me achieve my dreams. Together we set new standards and rocked. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”

Founder Roots School System Mrs. Riffat Mushtaq awarded shields to the winners at the grand closing ceremony of the Ivy Youth and Leadership Olympiad and congratulated the IYLO core team and Ivy staff members on organising such a dynamic and vibrant event. She encouraged all students to work together and explore their potential talent through such dynamic opportunities.