Khala Nimo, candidate for the UC chairman slot, accused the ruling MPA-backed candidates of political mudslinging, saying that it is a blatant violation of the election code of conduct.

“The ruling MPA Syed Aleem Shah and his nominated candidates are using foul language to damage my reputation during their election campaign which is a serious violation of code of conduct issued by Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP),” she charged.

Mrs Naseem Akhtar alias Khala Nimo is vying for the chairman slot of UC-14 Municipal Corporation DG Khan.

Speaking at a corner meeting, she alleged that both the District Election Commissioner and the district administration are reluctant to implement code of conduct, giving a free hand to the ruling PML-N MPA and MNA to bring out rallies and use loudspeakers for electioneering.

She pointed out that under the code of conduct, the candidates could not hold rallies and only can run door-to-door campaign or arrange corner meetings. “However, the PML-N parliamentarians are leading the rallies and district government is following their dictation,” she claimed. Khala Nimo said that the ruling party lawmakers are using development schemes to woo support for their candidates.

“it seems the entire budget of the DG Khan TMA is under the command of MPA Syed Aleem Shah who is spending it as per his wishes to get their candidates win,” she regretted, and asked the ECP to take notice of the violation of rules.

Mrs Naseem Akhtar sells samosas and pakoras at girls’ schools in DG Khan City. She wakes up before dawn and supplies samosa, pakora to school.

Her husband is bed-ridden due to severe aliment. In the evening, she runs her campaign. She is contesting as Independent-cum-Leghari group’s candidate for the top slot of chairman UC-14 with electoral symbol of goat.

In past, she has been elected four times - twice as member of union council and twice as member of tehsil council.