ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in consultation with his close political confidants is working out a plan to bring major reshuffle in the federal cabinet to serve the government for the remaining half of its five years term.

After interaction with some of the federal cabinet members and those close to the prime minister as well as the people who matter in such affairs in the party, it has been confirmed that Premier Sharif is going to bring some new faces in the cabinet and shunt out those who performed poorly or lack credibility.

A PML-N leader informed The Nation that the first half of the five years term of the ruling coalition would be completing in the first week of December and the government must be reviewing its performance, and obviously the performance of federal cabinet members would come under spotlight.

The government had announced performance review of the cabinet a few months back but could not complete this process for some unknown reasons.

Sources in the ruling party said the PM wanted to avoid internal instability as the country was already facing political unrest.

They also said that deferment this performance review was a key reasons behind his row with Interior Minister Nisar Ali, who wanted scrutiny of all ministers and had offered Nawaz Sharif to start with his own ministry’s performance.

Some party insiders said that Nisar still have serious reservations over the matter which had forced him a few days back to suggest ministers’ performance review by the parliament at the floor of the National Assembly, to the annoyance of his colleagues.

PML-N sources said now the evaluation of ministerial performance would be completed in a month and then the poor performers and tainted ministers would be shown the door.

Ruling party parliamentarians, some of whom themselves are aspirants to cabinet positions, said that over a couple of dozen party MPs are trying to get a seat in the cabinet but in the given situation only five to six persons could be accommodated if none of the existing members is expelled.

Presently, the cabinet has 19 federal ministers, 10 state ministers, four PM advisers (with a status of federal or state minister) and 11 special assistants to PM (who also enjoy the status of federal or state minister).

Under the 18th Constitutional Amendment the cabinet strength could be 11 per cent (at the maximum) of the total parliament membership.

That means the cabinet could not exceed the figure of 49 while right now the cabinet has 44 members.

A party leader considered close to the prime minister said it was unclear who would be ousted from the cabinet but mostly the state ministers are likely to lose their jobs to accommodate fresh faces.

He said that government is expected to induct a full-fledged defence minister in the upcoming reshuffle while a couple of MPs from southern Punjab would be added to the cabinet to fortify party’s position in the Saraiki belt.

Similarly, JUI-F would be getting a slot of state minister in the reshuffle, as per the coalition agreement with the party.

About the recently made induction in the federal cabinet, the sources said that these were the need-based inductions as Zahid Hamid was appointed the Minister for Climate Change for proper representation of the country in Paris moot on climate change.

Similarly, they said, Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudhry was appointed state minister for CADD to give a message to the people of federal capital that government was seriousness about resolving their problems, particularly in the rural areas.

A key purpose of this appointment was to impact the maiden local bodies elections to be held today(Monday), they added.