KARAK - The disgruntled MNA of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf from district Karak, Nasir Khan Khattak, has claimed that the party’s central Chairman Imran Khan was acting on the signals of others, therefore, he had decided not to support the democratic government.

He was addressing the local bodies representatives here on Sunday at Rehmatabad and Banda Daud Shah. He claimed that the provincial government of PTI was the moving soul of corruption in the province.

He said that the performance of the Ikhtasab Commission formed by the provincial government was zero and according to the constitution, its formation was against the law.

The dissident lawmaker alleged that the rights of the district were being usurped by the provincial government and added that the district Karak’s royalty funds were being utilized on the establishment of universities in Swabi and Nowshera.

Khattak said that the people of the district have the right over the royalty funds and asked the people to foil the designs of the few individuals who were usurping their right.

He expressed displeasure over the non-payment of Rs 3.5 billion by the provincial government to the Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) despite an agreement with the provincial government to provide gas facility to each house of the district and claimed that provincial government was getting Rs 33 billion as oil and gas royalty from the federal government.

He criticized the stoppage of production bonus funds by the oil and gas exploring companies and said that the said funds should be spent only on the production areas.

The lawmaker showed strong reservations over the establishment of the university and judicial complex with the royalty funds in the district and claimed that according to law the royalty funds could not be utilized for the projects. He resolved to fight the case of district Karak on every forum.