Rawalpindi: On the advice of provincial Govt, the Rawalpindi administration has decided to enroll the handicapped people in the Govt institutions. In this connection task has been given to social welfare department for the enrollment of blind and other handicapped males/females in different Govt and semi Govt institutions, while few institutions will enroll people by themselves.

According to informed sources the provincial Govt had ordered the concerned departments of Rawalpindi to enroll the blind and retarded people on the vacant positions in various departments, so that they also may get respectful jobs in the society. In the light of Govt orders the males and female blinds and retarded would be enrolled on three years contract in provincial institution, Rawalpindi like  Education department, Health Department, and the others including  social welfare.

The visually impaired people have been holding repeated protests demanding honorable jobs to enable them to earn their livelihood. During a protest demonstration in Lahore, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had promised to look into their demands.