ISLAMABAD-The polling stations of rural areas witnessed long queues and huge turn out of women as a record number of women turned to polling stations to exercise their right to vote in the first ever local government elections of the federal capital.

A high turn out of women was recoded in rural areas where polling staff facilitated the voters without any breaks. But the record turn out, lengthy procedure of data entries to casting votes as every voter has to cast almost six votes, and mismanagement caused delays and problems for the women voters.

Many queued for hours at various voting centers waiting to cast votes. In Bara Kahu, the wait was far longer as polling stations were inundated with huge queues of voters since morning.

A security official, M. Mansha, at Islamabad Model School for Boys, Bara Kahu, said women have started gathering since the start of the polling time and we have been seeing this rush since morning.

Rubina Zafar, a 42 years old widow, at the Bara Kahu poling station in UC-4 said, she has been standing for the past two hours.

“People from various parties have been giving pick and drop to their voter but I have come own my own by foot” she said. “ I have no affiliation with any party but I feel its our national obligation to cast vote so I’m here waiting for my turn”.

Some female voters standing in queues alleged that the polling staff and agents of various parties favored the few known women to cast vote with out any wait while commoners including, elderly women, waited for hours in long queues to exercise their right.

Unlike rural areas turn out remained quite low in various sectors till midday. The urban and rural areas presented a contrasting view on the polling day.

Process is quite slow in cities because most of the people remain at work, as there was no public holiday for the elections, said Fakhara Abbasi who was coming out of Islamabad College for Boys G-6/3. Most of women also work in cities or prefer to accompany their husbands or other family members to cast vote, that’s why women turn out is also low in cities” she explained.

As Im a teacher and schools have been turned into polling stantions and there is no academic activity so I have come to cast my vote with my friend, she said.

At Margalla College for Girls, F-7/2 in UC-28, the turn out was only about 20 percent, according to polling staff. Out of 825 votes only over 70 women and 73 men have turned up so far to cast the vote till 1 pm, said the presiding officer.

People in posh areas usually do not exercise their right of vote and today because of working day they have not come up so far, he said.

Officials said the turn out both of males and females expected to increase after the closure of office at 2 pm.