LAHORE - By tendering resignations of its ministers in Punjab, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) can create a crisis-like situation for the PML-N govt. The looming scenario has resulted in thorough debate within the three top power brokers and Fridays meeting of the Forward Bloc was a part of the strategy. PML-Qs contacts with the PPP have forced the Nawaz League to ascertain a counter-plan. The Punjab govt claims the support of 225 members out of the total of 369. It includes 171 of the PML-N, PML-F 3, MMA 2, independents 3 and 46 of the Forward Bloc. According to the assembly record, the PPPs strength stands at 107 while the PML-Q currently musters 35 members, originally 81, as the remaining are now part of the renegade faction. In case, the PPP decides to dissociate itself from the coalition, the governor can ask the chief minister for a vote of confidence, requiring 186 members. The chief minister would certainly get a huge lead but the PML-Q could seek disqualification of the Forward Bloc members in the Election Commission. The 18th Amendment has enabled the party chief to send a reference to the president while the present rules authorises the parliamentary leader to submit the case to the speaker who is bound to forward the same to the Election Commission in two days, an exercise never materialised in the past. People who monitor the politics in Punjab closely suggest that the alliance between the largest Muslim League actions is the only solution for the protecting the Nawaz League govt in the province; otherwise, the PPP and the PML-Q would be in a position to disturb the equilibrium according to their liking. Reliable sources within the PML-N say the PPP will not take the risk, as it would prove hazardous for the federal govt. According to a provincial PPP minister, no such suggestion is under consideration; but in case the situation necessitates doing so, the Punjab govt would not be able to keep the office.