KASUR -  Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif yesterday said the PML-N government has led the country to the path of prosperity, adding the ongoing economic development in the country stands testimony to the government’s resolve to address people’s problems by 2018.

Addressing a huge public gathering in Phool Nagar, the premier termed the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor a game-changer for the economic and industrial uplift of the entire region. He stated the opponents want to sabotage this mega project as it threatens their political career. The premier kept on saying the government has launched several development projects in infrastructure, energy and health sectors for equal uplift of all the provinces. To provide the people with better means of transportation, a big network of roads and motorways is being established across the country, including Balochistan, while power outages have been reduced considerably, the PM averred. He lauded the sacrifices being rendered by the armed forces in fighting terrorism, expressing his optimism that the menace will soon be eradicated from the country.

The prime minister rejoiced seeing a huge gathering and said the government’s opponents required two months of planning to organise such a big rally. “Today’s Pakistan is much better than it was in 2013 and it would further improve in 2018,” the premier claimed, adding the PML-N government was committed to fulfilling all the promises it made to the masses in 2013.

“Why was our government overthrown in 1999? The process of development which stopped in 1999 is being completed during the current tenure,” Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said. He also criticised PTI Chairman Imran Khan for doing politics of violence, saying the government was not afraid of any protest and dharna.

On the occasion, the prime minister announced Rs 2.3 billion for launching development projects in the district. He announced Rs 500 million for Sui gas project in Phoolnagar area and Rs 500 million and Rs 100 million for constructing roads, Head Balloki bridge, schools, technical institutes and THQ hospitals in NA-141 and NA-142, respectively. He also announced Rs 300 million for irrigation.

Nawaz Sharif said his political rivals were out to stop an unprecedented and historic development undertaken by his government to fully transform Pakistan into a stable and prosperous county, but the people would reject those elements in the 2018 general elections as well.

The prime minister said his political adversaries had realised if the current wave of fast-track progress and development continued by the PML-N government, it would end their political career by 2018.

“They want to take revenge from the people as you have rejected them in the last elections. They know that the people will also reject them in 2108,” he added. “I do not fear anything except Allah Almighty. My rivals even did not endure miseries of jail while I have undergone such ordeals in the Attock jail. When we were in jails, they were running the dictator’s referendum campaign,” he averred.

The prime minister told the fully charged gathering chanting slogans in his support that the public mandate had always been given by Almighty Allah and assured them their elected government would not only complete its five-year term, but also win the 2018 elections for next five-year tenure. Criticising PTI, he said this party had insulted its public mandate in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.