LOS ANGELES  -  Alicia Silverstone found it ‘uncomfortable’ being famous as a teenager.

The ‘Clueless’ star admits it was tough growing up in the spotlight and whilst she enjoyed some parts of fame, she felt it was ‘’completely unnatural’’ for someone so young.

She said: ‘’Being the most famous teenager in the world was uncomfortable, awkward and odd. There were good parts, too. I got to hang out with Bono in Ireland and go to a small private club with Mick Jagger. Or I could call up Woody Harrelson and go on a trip to Peru to save the rainforest together.

‘’Or when you’re on an aeroplane and the flight attendant is extra kind to you and takes care of you because they’re really a fan of your work. Those things were nice, but the hard part was being a kid - I was really young - and it was completely unnatural. There was a period in my life where there was so much upset and stress that I was trying to get out.’’

And the 41-year-old actress says she has ‘’never felt the need’’ to strip off for the cameras.

She added to The Times magazine: ‘’I have never felt the need to do nude scenes. My career started when I was a young girl. I’ve been asked to be naked since the age of 15, so I just never grew out of the idea that I didn’t think it was necessary. If it were the right thing, as a woman, then perhaps I would feel differently about it now.