Islamabad (pr) With regard to news appearing in certain section of media, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)  clarifies that in order to meet statutory and policy obligations, Telecom industry as per their license obligations was directed by PTA in 2017 to deploy a suitable system capable of monitoring/analysing Internet traffic. Furthermore, the honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan and Lahore High Court have both instructed PTA in separate cases to deploy technical systems for combating grey traffic and filtering objectionable Internet content respectively. Any perception regarding Web Monitoring System (WMS) curtailing privacy or limiting the freedom of Internet users is false. This system will facilitate in the identification and eradication of grey traffic causing huge loss to the national exchequer, and Internet content management as mandated under Clause 37 of Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016. Upon deployment of the system PTA shall be independently responsible for carrying out WMS Operations exclusively for mandate provided under the Telecom Reorganization Act 1996, PECA 2016 and Telecom Policy 2015.