LAHORE - JI chief Sirajul Haq has lamented that the dream to ensure supremacy of law and dispensation of swift and inexpensive justice to the masses could not be fulfilled even after 72 years of country’s independence.

In a statement on Tuesday, he declared the PTI government a representative of status quo and descendant of the previous regimes. He said all claims of the ruling party to bring about change were proved pack of lies.

The government claim, he said, to hold across the board accountability was also exposed as it seemed the entire process of accountability was revolving around the two families. A strong impression was growing among the masses that the government was victimizing its political opponents in the name of action against corruption, he said. Siraj said it seemed the bad days of the government had started with people from all walks of life were taking to the streets against the policies of the rulers. He said the economy was suffering, unemployment and inflation hit the records high and businesses were closing down.

He suggested the government announce a roadmap and bold steps for the liberation of Kashmir from India if it wanted to gain popularity in the country. He said the rulers did nothing and betrayed the people of IHK, pinning all hopes on US President Donald Trump and the UNO that they would come in support of the besieged people.

Meanwhile, JI Naib Emir Liaqat Baloch said his party would welcome the change of the prime minister through constitutional way. Reminding Prime Minister Imran Khan’s own stand about the bad governance, Baloch asked had not the time come  that the prime minister himself should resign and go home.