LAHORE -  The Punjab Higher Education Commission yesterday held its 7th meeting to address the issues of unlawful sub-campuses, affiliations, and franchises of private sector Degree Awarding Institutions in the province.

The meeting was chaired by PHEC Chairperson Prof Dr Mohammad Nizamuddin while Higher Education Secretary Nasim Nawaz Gen (r) Mohammad Akram, Gen (r) Mohammad Aslam, Dr Sohail Naqvi, Dr Zafar Iqbal Qureshi, Dr Najma Najam and other members attended the meeting.

The Commission, after detailed deliberations, decided that unlawful sub-campus of any private sector DAI would not be allowed to operate.

The attention of the Commission was drawn towards newly established sub-campus of the University of South Asia at Gujrat without approval from Chancellor/Governor.

The commission showed its serious concerns and decided to direct the said university to immediately close the sub-campus of Gujrat.

It was further added that DAIs cannot open a sub-campus without following the laid down procedure. In order to ensure quality, special committees will be constituted for the evaluation of the performance and quality assurance of existing sub-campuses of private sector institutions.

No private degree awarding institution will be allowed to offer its franchise, affiliation or study centre. “DAIs be directed to annul all such affiliations and franchises and stop current admissions immediately.”

The commission decided to constitute an assessment committee for the evaluation of MPhil/PhD programmes being offered by private sector DAIs to ensure quality and standardization of education in the province.

The commission further decided to strengthen the monitoring and evaluation programme of all DAIs.